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  • copper tube,heat pipe, capillary tube,test probe,EDM. tubes


    ()hardware manufacturers- heat pipe, heat pipes, copper tube, copper tubes, capillary tube, capillary tubes test probe, test probes, metals, antenna tubes, . tubes, tube, ( electrical discharge machine ) electrode tube, electrode tubes, multi holes & channels electrode tubes, guides, phosphor bronze tubes, coolant thermal tubes, terminal crimping & micro thermal tubes, probe needles, test probes, contact probes tubes, phosphor bronze, Nickel-Silver (NiSi), Cupro-Nickel (CuNi), contact probes, brass & copper & bronze cutting tubes, stainless steel (S.S.) tubes, various irregular shaped brass tubes, copper C1020 ( free-Oxygen Copper) geat pipe, axial groove tubes ( Internally finned/inter ribs), smooth copper tubes, sintering powder tubes, various barrels & receptacles, crimped receptacles, pin-receptacles.

  • Testing for Mold Release Residue with Tape Test


    Mold In Graphic Systems shows you how to easily test your rotational molds for mold release residue and buildup with a tape test and when to use Multi-Clean release remover on your molds.

  • Safety Anchor Strength Testing – Safety Anchor Pull Test – Bulldog Safety Anchors (877) 561-9911


    – Safety Anchor Strength Testing – Safety Anchor Pull Test – If you’re looking for the best and most reliable steel anchors in the industry, we are the anchor experts you can trust. Our steel safety anchors are tough and bite into the earth for a firm, solid hold, plus they have some of the highest pull test numbers in the industry. To find out more about our anchors and how we guarantee your complete satisfaction call us at or visit our website (listed above) for more information. Bulldog Safety Anchors are #1 in safety anchor strength testing!

  • Used Head Bolts Simple Test


    Simple home test to help you decide if you will reuse head bolts. This quick test will show bent and stretched bolts.

  • Cardboard car test


    Here is the first test for the “Pac-Man” cardboard car. This test was done before tires have been aligned to stay perpendicular to the axle. We’ll secure tires next and then add a body on top. Jonah is our test driver at 120 pounds. Car is made of cardboard and glue, except for wooden axle and four “eye-hook” bolts holding axle to the cardboard body. For Desert Ridge High School Physics class project, 2016.

  • Test CNC 3040 Milling with Mach3 Demo Part 6 Test Engraving Aluminium


    Make a CNC with 3 Stepper Motor Nema 23 controlled by TB6560 board, and Mach3 Demo for software & hardware test (french comment) Test Engraving

  • How to use the OEM engine block tester to test for blown head gaskets or cracked cylinder head


    This simple tester can be taken out on loan from AutoZone for 20 bucks and it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to determine if you have a blown head gasket this is my first attempt using one of these and I demonstrate some of the common issues you might encounter like I have. There's not a lot of explanation in the video but to keep it short I'll just tell you right here make sure you lower the radiator fluid down at least two to three inches as the instructions state and pull on the bulb slowly and release the bulb slowly not too rapidly so as not to pull antifreeze into the tester if the test fluid stays Blue your headgasket is good if it turns yellow then you have a blown head gasket simple as that. Key Tip: Release the bulb slowly for 2 minutes with engine warm and running. Watch the fluid level on the tester if you see the level increasing you know you're sucking coolant into the tester which will contaminate the test and you will have to repeat.

  • sorbetiere lidl silvercrest test glace fraise ice cream maker eismaschine heladera


    sorbetiere lidl silvercrest test glace fraise ice cream maker eismaschine heladera eléctrica gelatiera machine à glace préparation au monsieur cuisine plus +–test-avis-prix-notice-caracteristiques.htmlplaque induction lidl silvercrest 2 foyers double induction hob doppel-induktionskochplatte de cuisson test avis présentation double foyer 3500w max// cuisine plus lidl silvercrest présentation test avis notice forum unboxing skmk 1200//’n mix lidl silvercrest cuiseur mixeur smk 1000 soupes smoothies compotes// lidl silvercrest smuk 1500 multi cooker multikocher pentola multifunzione robo de cozinha// silvercrest lidl ssm 550 d1 bol en verre test avis prix notice caracteristiques standmixer// à croque-monsieur lidl silvercrest gaufre et grill ssmw 750 b2 test avis gauffre et grill 750 watts plaques interchangeable//:// recette gaufre de cyril lignac// a pain lidl silvercrest sbb 850 a1 présentation bread maker brotbackautomat Pekač kruha// à coudre pfaff lidl element 1070s – singer tradition 2282 (copie conforme), Sewing Machine Nähmaschine Macchina da cucire Varrógép Maszyna do szycia- HIT cenowy présentation deballage de la machine à coudre lidl pfaff que l’on peut trouver dans les magasins lidl) (deballage) (premiere utilisation) (test)Machine à coudre silvercrest lidl snm 33 : florabest lidl charbon de bois – ventilation active – charcoal barbecue holzkohlegrill flg 34 a1// press revolution moulinex avis, test, préparation d’un jus d’orange, nettoyage, remontage. inox aldi quigg presentation, test (temps de chauffe et température)érature.htmlcapsules café lidl bellarom compatible nespresso test avis dosettes lidl capsules compatibles enxpresso krups//–test-avis-prix.htmlbalai vapeur lidl silvercrest sdm 1500 test avis notice prix dampfreiniger steam cleaner pour nettoyer les sols dur et les tapis//

  • Ozark Trail 26 Quart High Performance Cooler Ice Test


    ***I disabled comment and rating for this video, and I hope that some people will take the time to read the description, because it seems that most people didn’t, or they tried so hard to not having any sympathy toward another person. I acknowledged that my voice is too low (or the music is too loud while I was talking in this video), and I had admitted it. However, people don’t seem to get that! There is no point of me to re-edit this video and post it again. It is already posted!*** Ozark Trail 26 Quart High-Performance Cooler —————————- Dimensions: 19.9 inch L x 13.25 inch W x 15.75 inch H (50.55cm x 33.65cm x 40cm) Weight: 15 pounds empty 17 inch build in ruler on lid 1.5 inch walls Non-rubberize feet Molded-in hinges Stainless steel hinge rods Heavy-duty T lock latches. Stainless steel handle with foam grip Stainless steel lock plate Tie-down access holes —————————- I have been in the market for a small cooler that I can easily bring with me when I go camping, fishing and hunting. A couple other coolers that I have been looking at are the Grizzly 15 qt, the Pelican 20 qt and the Yeti Roadie 20 qt. —————————- The Grizzly being the lowest price one, at around $170, but it it is only 15 qt. The Pelican would be a really nice cooler because I own a Pecilan 65 qt cooler, and I love its performance. But Pelican coolers are bulky. My 65 qt only stays in the garage or under the backyard porch for chilling deer meat during deer season. I made a set of wheels for it, but it has not left the house for anywhere just yet. Pelican coolers are big and heavy. The Yeti Roadie, in my opinion it’s not justified to pay more than $200 for a small cooler. It’s a great cooler. Its name is out there. But if I can get a cooler that can perform at the same level or a little lower performance level at lower price, I will go with whichever is more economically. —————————- I came across this Ozark Trail 26 quart High-Performance cooler at a Wal-mart store. I didn’t purchase it the first time. I went home and tried to do some research on it. What do I know, even Wal-mart website has no information about this cooler. I believe there are also a 55 qt and 75 qt of this type of cooler available at some Wal-mart stores, and they claim to retain ice up to the other high-end brands. The major push for my purchase of the Ozark Trail 26 quart cooler is that it is only retailed at $96. It claims to retain ice for more than 4.5 days. It comes with 5-year limited warranty, and it is bear proof. —————————- In this video, I will mainly do the ice test to see if it will retain ice as it claims. Keep in mind that it’s just the beginning of Spring. Infact, I did the test the weekend one week before Spring starts. But seeing it’s the only couple warmest days in the weather forecast, I go with those days for the test. I pre-chilled the cooler for about an hour and a half, not the proper way to pre-chill it, but I didn’t have ice available and no room in a refrigerator to put the cooler in. So I just added a couple of frozen water bottles and added cool water. —————————- I started the ice test on Sunday March 13 around 4:30 p.m. I bought 20 pounds bulk ice, but I spilled some to the ground. So I think this cooler will hold 20 pounds of ice but will have little room left for anything else. —————————- This was the list of temperatures during the week of the ice test Sunday: at the time addint the ice 73 – Low 50 Monday: Hi 82 – Low 53 Tuesday: Hi 76 – Low 43 Wednesday: Hi 72 – Low 41 Thursday: Hi 70 – Low 44 Friday: Hi 58 – Low 37 Saturday: all ice melted except for the ice in the frozen water bottles. But the water was still freezing cold. —————————- I will do more tests on this cooler during the summer when I’m out in the heat, and I will give it a good pre-chill with ice over night to see how well it really retains ice in the summer. If it retains ice for 3 days during the summer. I will be happy with it. But for now, $96 for a nicely made cooler as this one. Why not! —————————- Thank you for watching and enjoy the outdoors! —————————- Follow my Instagram for updates of places and pictures of where I have been to during hunting season and offseason//………—————————- —————————- —————————- Music: gmz – Parametaphoriquement —————————- —————————- —————————-

  • 500 kV (EHV) EV-1 Vertical Break Switch and RLSwitcher® | Seismic Test Passed


    Southern States LLC, Hampton, GA is proud to announce that both its products EV-1 Vertical Break Switch and RLSwitcher® (Reactor Switcher) at 500 kV have passed the IEEE 693 High Performance Level Seismic Test.500 kV (EHV) EV-1 Vertical Break Switch | 500 kV (EHV) RLSwitcher® | IEEE 693 Compliant | IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of Substations | High Qualification Seismic Test Passed

  • How to test a purge solenoid (Mazda P0443, P0455)


    This is a great review of section 3 material in my book, specifically about testing a ground side switched solenoid. I kept it simple this time, doing all my circuit checks with just a digital multimeter and test light. Remember that all the methods shown can be successfully applied to ANY ground side switched output.Engine Performance Diagnostics chapter 3 pages 2 – 19Symptoms – check engine light (P0443 and P0455)Fix – replacing the purge solenoidTests shown – how to find the evaporative emissions purge solenoid by following fuel supply lines – how to safely T-pin a computer controlled output – testing a ground side switched solenoid with a digital multimeter and test light – using a bi-directional test to confirm control circuit and driver integrityTools used – scan tool – digital multimeter – LED test lightPlaylist – (Chapter 3) Transistors, Solenoids, Computer Controlled Output Testing//?list=PLE9BA8CBD51B8C48ERelated videos – How to test a computer transistor driver (with a scan tool) – How to test a computer transistor driver (without a scan tool) – How to test a computer controlled solenoid (energizing the circuit manually) – How to test a fuel injector circuit with a noid light (a ScannerDanner Premium video) – How to test a computer controlled solenoid – power/ground side identificationFor more information on this topic, I have written a “field manual” called Engine Performance Diagnostics which is available at as an eBook or paper book. Want even more diagnostic training? Whether you are a DIY trying to fix your own car, someone looking to become an auto technician, or a current auto technician that wants to get more into diagnostics, subscribe to ScannerDanner Premium right here on YouTube. There is a 14 day free trial. On ScannerDanner Premium I will bring you right into my classroom at Rosedale Technical College. You will find page for page lectures taken right from my book as well as exclusive classroom type case studies. What is so special about these classroom case studies? I pull live problem vehicles directly into my classroom and we troubleshoot them in real time, using and applying the theory and testing procedures we learn during the classroom lectures. There is no better on-line training of how to troubleshoot automotive electrical and electronics systems anywhere!

  • Fluke Networks TS53 PRO Network Test Set for Voice and Data


    For more info and Pricing: Fluke Networks TS53 Test set performs voice and data testing for video technicians and communications service technicians all in one ruggedly built network tester. This portable telephone tester contains the latest RainSafe™, DropSafe™, and DataSafe™ technologies. It features voltage indication and measurement, data indication, current measurement, polarity and will detect dial tone. The TS53 butt set has glow-in-the-dark keys, extra large LCD screen and includes an ABN with piercing pin clip cord set. TS® 53 PRO Test Sets A professional network test set that delivers high-quality VDV functionality for technicians.Seven testing functions include:- Data indication – warns when data is present- Voltage indication/measurement – identifies potential line problems- Current (mA) indication/measurement – verifies sufficient line current- Caller-ID with Call Waiting CID – verifies functional service - DTMF Digit Grabbing – isolates faulty customer premise equipment- Detects dial tone, places and receives calls- Polarity

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